Hard Rock Hotel Bali Conducts a Fire Drill to Continue Safety Measures in Case of Emergency Together With Fire Department Badung Regency

24 1月 2017

Hard Rock Hotel Bali together with The Fire Department Badung Regency, organized a fire drill involving all band members. The fire drill is part of a regular training plan and indicates Hard Rock Hotel Bali’s continuous determination to provide its band members an opportunity to exercise emergency procedures in a simulated but safe environment, whilst assessing if band members can effectively carry out emergency responsibilities, and evaluating effectiveness of evacuation procedures.

The Hard Rock Hotel Bali Emergency Response Team supervised by The Fire Department Badung Regency evacuated all band members to the designated assembly point located in the parking lot where every Department Manager performed a head count to make sure all band members were safe and accounted for. The meeting point is a safe area which is away from the main building, clear for incoming Fire Department personnel and from any glass or remains that may fall from the buildings.

Afterwards, Hard Rock Hotel Bali’s Management and Security Teams were honored by the Fire Department Badung Regency, for their outstanding support and efficient emergency protocols. The certificate was presented by Chief of Fire Department Badung Regency, in the presence of the hotel’s EAM – Andrew Hastie, band members and representative from the Fire Department Badung Regency.

General Manager; Shane Coates, commented on the positive routine practice by saying; “We are proud for being recognized for our emergency training initiatives. This will become our motivator to improve on the quality of our security and safety services and maintain close coordination with the Fire Department in Badung Regency. Our main importance in Hard Rock Hotel Bali is ensuring the safety of our guests and deliver a safe working environment for all our band members. And today, together with Fire Department Badung Regency, we continue to ensure that all band members are knowledgeable in fire prevention and emergency response in the workplace”.