Wall of Fame

Ideal as a foyer or breakout area for the Banquet Hall. Features glass wall with names of musicians etched in and backlit. Names of late musicians have floral tribute next to their names.

Capacity: 389 (standing)

Hall of Fame

The Ballroom with adjacent outdoor space overlooking the world famous Kuta Beach, will have your meeting amplified.

Capacity: 389 (standing); 225 (sitting)


This room rocks for small group meetings or breakout sessions. Inspired by Michael Jackson’s famed theme park, Neverland is decorated with Michael Jackson memorabilia.

Capacity: 25 (standing); 18 (sitting)

Paisley Park

Ideal for intimate meeting sessions, Paisley Park is named after the celebrated recording studio of music genius Prince and adorned with Prince memorabilia.

Capacity: 12 (standing); 8 (sitting)


This room rocks for small group meetings or breakout sessions. Home to the “King” and where the legend lives on, the room is bedecked with Elvis Presley’s memorabilia.

Capacity: 35 (standing); 18 (sitting)

Abbey Road

Ideal for small group meetings. Abbey Road is named after The Beatles’ recording studio address and celebrated album title and features Beatles’ memorabilia.

Capacity: 20 (standing); 12 (sitting)

The Fillmore 1

Named after the legendary concert venue in San Francisco. The Fillmore has a large open outdoor area for coffee breaks or buffets, ideal for group conference and events.

Capacity: 120 (standing); 72 (sitting)

The Fillmore 2

Great for breakout sessions, The Filmore 2 is on level 3 together with The Filmore 1.

Capacity: 60 (standing); 36 (sitting)

Studio 2

Get down to business in our quiet, comfortable Studio Two.
The perfect space for a smaller meeting with your choice of flexible seating options or tasteful boardroom settings.

Capacity: 10 (sitting)