Kites Season in Bali

24 July 2020

Kites Season in Bali

Kite Season is just started in Bali, as known peak windy season is in August. It’s not about flying the kite to the sky, but also to promote traditional Balinese kites and preserve local culture. These kites are in various shapes and sizes. There are many designs of the kites, such as Bebean Kites, Janggan Kites, Pecuk Kites, and Creation Kites created by local Balinese people. The most design of kites that have been flown is Celepuk (An Owl) Kites. The biggest size of the kites is 12meters with width 7,7meters. It takes 1 month to create these kites and created by local communities (in Bali we called it Banjar). Sometimes they modify their kites with traditional patterns (Barong, Topeng, etc).

Padanggalak is where the annual kite festival was held around July to October. If you ever visit Bali during this period, you can see colorful and beautiful kites fly up to the sky. This annual festival is not a common festival, this festival is known as a religious event too. The kites itself has meaning as a message of abundant crops and harvest. And whilst you waft the kite to the sky means you send it to god as a message. The meaning that we can conclude is we send a message for god to bring abundance in crops and harvest.

Everyone can join to watch or compete with their kites. There are categories to win the competition, such as the best kites’ design, the longest flight, and the best launch of the kites. All categories judged by the judges, and all participant has a chance to win it.