Cycling as New Normal

24 July 2020

Last 3rd June 2020, known as World Bicycle Day. Bicycle is considered as a simple vehicle, eco-friendly and sanify. During this pandemic situation, everyone is keeping themselves active and healthy as they can. Cycling now becomes new normal in Bali. We can see Cyclists are getting an increase and crowd on the road especially in Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur area and etc. After quarantine for almost 3 months, now they’re spending their time to feel the freshness of the air.

Some of them are solo or even in a group. In this new normal era, of course, they are paying their attention to several things before doing their ride. Preparation to keep their bicycle clean and hygiene particularly with high touches area, with hand sanitizer standby with each Cyclist and put a mask on their face. Even in the Cyclist group, the health protocol is still worked by keeping the social distance minimum of 1 meter from each Cyclist.

Entering a new normal era, cycling will be an option to avoid crowds and queues of taking public transportation. Besides, by doing cycling it will keep our body health and reduce air pollution.