Bali Weather: A Quick Guide on Deciding When to Go

06 May 2019

You’ve decided to visit Bali – but when is it really best to go? With a year-round average temperature of around 27°C, the Bali weather is simply beautiful and is a great choice at almost any time of year. But what you’re hoping to do could possibly be affected between the wet and dry seasons, so here’s a lowdown of how the weather in Bali changes from month to month, and what you can expect weather-wise when you arrive on the beautiful island.

Dry Season (April to September)

Considered Bali’s “High” Season, April to September are regarded as the best months to visit beautiful Bali, with next to no rainfall and long sunny days.

As April turns into May, a definite drop in humidity can be felt, and although the locals might seem to be piling on a few extra layers, if you are from a country that experiences winters with snow, you’re still in for a lovely hot holiday.
As the skies are so clear during the beginning of the dry season, the sunsets on the shores of Bali are incredible and will make your whole trip worth it.


As the island moves into June, humidity drops and the crowds rise. June, July and August are Bali’s peak times, so are the more expensive times to visit the island, but there’s no wonder with comfortable temperatures and long days of sunshine.

July also sees some of the islands best waves of the whole year, so is a great time to go if you’re keen on the surf, and into August sees the best times of the year to go if you just want to be outside all the time.


August is Bali’s driest month of all, and it is very hot! So if you are venturing out in August be sure to slap on the sunscreen and pull on a fabulous hat.

And September – being on the very shoulder of the peak season – is probably the best time to go of all, as “Peak” season is just finishing, prices for hotels and activities generally tend to drop as kids return to school and the island quietens down.

Wet Season (October to March)

Although coined the “Wet Season”, the months through October to March are still a beautiful time on the island. Yes, it rains, but the rain tends to come in short, sudden downpours, and doesn’t stick around – so if it’s a wet morning, you can almost guarantee a good dose of sunshine in the afternoon. So, if you’re looking for a little more relaxation and a few less crowds, October to March might work for you just fine.

While the hours of total sunshine do start to decrease in October, you still won’t see the temperature drop below 22°C, and it’s been said that October rarely sees rain at all! It’s a great month to bask in the glorious Bali sunshine, and cool off in the Indian Ocean, as this is the month that it’s coolest, but it still stays at around 27°C.


Humidity starts to rise as the island moves into November, and the wet season really begins – but showers only tend to stay for a matter of minutes, so there will still be plenty of sun-soaking.

December sees rather a bit more wetness, but remember, if you’ve had a wet morning, it’s more than likely that the sun will make an appearance in the afternoon. As the wind changes direction in December, it makes it an especially great month for surfing, and the water is really warm. As the Western holidays approach in December, things can start to get a little busier on the island again, so if you aren’t keen on the crowds it could be a good idea to avoid these months.

Humidity hits its highest in January, so things can get a little hot and heavy outside, but January is also Bali’s wettest month – the rain often comes as somewhat a relief from the stickiness.


Things start to dry up a little in February, but you can still expect frequent rain, and very hot and humid conditions. But it shouldn’t put you off – there is still so much to do on this gorgeous island, and the Bali weather is really an experience in itself.

March is known as the changing season, as the rain starts to cool off, and so does the humidity. The temperature starts to rise a little and the sun starts to stay a little longer during the day. Whereas you may seem a few crowds build around Easter holidays and weekends, it stays pretty tame compared to the throes of the peak season, so is generally a gorgeous time to enjoy Bali and bask in its beauty.
Bali also celebrates its Lunar New Year, Nyepi, on the first new moon after mid-March, and is observed by an evening of celebration followed by 24 hours of silence and inactivity. Tourists are expected to respect this custom, so that might mean a day of staying in your hotel room.


However, if you’ve chosen to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali, that won’t be a problem, as there’s still so much to enjoy right from your room. In any month, and whatever the weather it’s a great choice, with a fantastic mix of indoor and outdoor activities. If the sun is out to play, you can be too, relaxing by the pool enjoying a cocktail. And if the rains decide to come, it’s a prime opportunity to hit the Rock Spa for some relaxing and rejuvenating treatments, or the Body Rock Gym to break a sweat and have some fun.
And whatever the weather is, kids can be kept busy and entertained with the Roxity Kids Club, even giving parents a break in an adult-free zone, where fun and adventure take the lead.
There you go, you can now choose the best time to visit Bali based on your preference with our little Bali weather guide. Rest assured that no matter when you choose to go, the sun will shine and the island will be beautiful – the weather in Bali will never disappoint.