The Sound of Your Stay®


Satisfaction. This is what the luxury brand experience should embody. What is more satisfying than getting a unique amenity like a world class Fender guitar delivered to your room or free music downloads. Hard Rock Hotels is boldly asserting itself as the one true brand that can legitimately claim to offer an authentic Rock and Roll experience.


Check out a FenderTM ­Guitar and rock out in your room as long as you want with zero noise complaints. Enjoy a variety of Stratocasters, Telecasters and even Bass Guitars to live out your Rock n’ Roll fantasy or learn something new while you travel the world.


Download one of three carefully curated music playlist designed to take you on a sonic journey as you enjoy your stay at a Hard Rock Hotel. Enjoy songs from artists that you know and love, while also

experiencing artists that are on the cutting edge and ready to break out. Where will the music take you?


Get Your Groove On

wax® is the latest component to the brand’s music amenity program, offering guests the opportunity to tune in to the vinyl resurgence and experience music as it was intended to be listened to. Partnering with Crosley, Hard Rock has amplified the in-room listening experience with a carefully curated collection of 10 iconic records chosen by Hard Rock’s team of music experts. A Crosley turntable will keep the records spinning as guests find their groove at leisure.