Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Flambe Service

Flambe Service


Let us perform the cooking of your meal live! Available for dinner at Splash Bistro.

Main Course

Diane Beef Steak
Flamed with Cognac and Red Wine sauce served with Seasonal Vegetables and Pear William Potato.

King Prawns
Prepared at your Table with Pernod and Café de Paris Butter served with Seasonal Vegetables and Potato Wedges.

Double Chicken Steak
Cayenne Pepper Marinated Boneless Chicken Tight Flambéed with Cognac and served with Seasonal Vegetables, Lyonnaise Potato and Mushroom Black Pepper sauce.


Crepe Suzette
Traditionally Prepared Home Made Crepes and Flambéed at your Table.

Cherry Jubilee
Dark Cherry Sautéed with Butter, Brown Sugar and Flambéed with Kirsch topped with Vanilla Ice Cream.


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