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The Sound of Your Stay® is Hard Rock’s complimentary music amenities program for all guests staying at Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos.

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At check-in you will receive a code to download your choice of 3 themed playlist curated by Hard Rock Hotels and industry tastemakers to serve as your official soundtrack and enhance your Hard Rock Hotel experience. Playlist themes includes “City”, “Players”, and “Resort” which feature new artists about to break and established artist alike.



PICKS.® Fender® guitar “room service” program only available for guests staying at Hard Rock Hotels. Players can choose from a variety of 20 Fender® guitars – including the legendary Stratocasters, classic telecasters and even basses to play for free during your entire stay. The guitar comes with a Fender® Floor Amplifier, complimentary headphones and all the gear you need to rock out as hard as you want with zero noise complaints. And whether you are a guitar God or just picking up a guitar for the first time, we have partnered with Hal Leonard to provide in-room lessons on the TV, so we’ve got you covered there too.




Dim the lights, clear the floor and turn your room into the city’s hottest nightclub with mix.® – the total DJ package. It includes complimentary use of a Traktor Kontrol Z1 controller, earphones and an iPad that makes it easy to experience the next wave of audio-mix technology.

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